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Explore the Forum Gdańsk with our mobile app. Forum Gdańsk is a modern urban space where relaxation, shopping and entertainment blend with the life of Gdansk and its citizens. The Forum is a place where public space shapes commercial space, not the other way around. This makes Forum Gdańsk unique in Europe.

Discover our mobile app; find what you’re looking for faster.


- Information about sales, offers, events,
- Interactive 3D map that shows all stores, restaurants, parkings and the other places
- The best routes and directions to navigate the Forum Gdańsk, go from store to store and after shopping find the best route to your car - in the app, you can easily save the place of parking
- Mobile guide is integrated with store directories – you can find a store on directory, mark the route, than scan the generated QR code and transfer the route to your phone
- "My dressing room" module - take a photo of the article and add it to the collection along with a name of a store and comments, browse your collections before you make the final purchase decision
- App is free! It's available in Polish and English language, Android and iOS .

Plan your perfect time in Forum Gdańsk!

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Forum Gdańsk

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